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May 2022

“When you cross the Red Japanese Bridge it is immortal. A symbol of crossing from one world into the next a paradise that will bring you Happiness.”


Discover and explore the beauty and exquisite work of art created on an acre of majestic trees. Our property was once a deep, dense, thick forest. It took years in the moving of rock, stone, and earth before designing and creating this ethereal Japanese garden.


As you enter our mystical garden through wrought iron gates your world will begin to change.  Stroll Gardens are pleasure gardens that date back centuries.  In the spring, you will be at first overwhelmed with the profusion of color as Rhododendrons and Azaleas will be ablaze with bright red, pinks and whites symbolizing their fragile and ephemeral beauty and chosen for their esthetic appeal. When you first walk onto large steppingstones you must slow down


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